5 Hidden Health Benefits of Owning A Dog

Healthy Benefits Of Owning A Dog
Visiting a downtown park with your dog is great exercise!

But it doesn’t end there as your canine friend comes with a heap of other benefits. Besides your close relationship, there are some secret health benefits of having a dog that you must know!

Your dog is your constant companion, your best friend, and a valued family member. But, I bet you never thought that owning a dog could have so many health benefits.

#1 Helps You Lose Weight

Dog owners have an advantage over those that do not own dogs when it comes to losing weight. This is because, with a dog, you exercise without even knowing it.

Taking your dog for walks every day helps your body burn calories and that’s a good thing.

Since an average dog walk is approximately twenty minutes each day. It helps you to lose weight since you may not consider walking your dog as exercise but rather as a responsibility to your dog.

#2 Improves Your Social Life

Owning a dog can boost your social life. Many conversations start as you meet and greet other dog walkers.

Some of the most interesting discussions I’ve had have been meeting others and talking while walking my dog. How many guys have tried the cute puppy trick to boost their social life?

Have you ever noticed that once you begin talking about your four-legged friend, you never stop? Dog owners love to talk about their dogs! This is a great way to break the ice and get to know someone.

By default, you become an active person with a reason to live and engage with others in sharing your life with your dog.

#3 Increased Heart Health

Owning a dog is very important for your heart health. An important physical benefit of owning a dog includes your heart that is being exercised as you walk with your dog.

Exercise is proven to lower blood pressure increasing heart health. Many dog owners have found that having a dog lowers their blood pressure, therefore, lowering the risk of heart disease.

Improving your social life and weightloss collectively, are very crucial for heart health as well as the daily exercise for your heart.

As you and your dog share in daily walks you may also want to consider running, fast walking or increasing your pace which will improve your heart health.

Exercising your dog is one of the simplest ways of cutting your visits to the doctor!

#4 Fights Depression

There are many emotional benefits of owning a dog including helping you to fight depression.

Your dog will always remain faithful, lend you a listening ear and keep your most valued secrets. When was the last time your dog gave away your most grave secrets?

Talking to your dog is natural. Most dogs respond to the tone in your voice as well as words or commands they are taught.

Your dog gives you a reason to live rather than surrender to bouts of depression. Did you know that dogs take a larger role in their owners’ lives and fill any voids left by lost loved ones?

Companionship and support are vital benefits of owning a dog which helps reduce stress, anxiety and fights depression.

#5 Becomes Your Guardian Angel

Your dog can be your guardian angel by coming to your rescue when you most need help.

We all know the security and protection benefits of having a dog around, but we rarely think of dogs as health guardian angels.

A dog can be trained to sense and help fight diseases such as skin cancer and tumors even before reaching advanced stages.

Dogs can be trained to lead a blind person and alert help prior to an oncoming seizure for those with epilepsy.

Dogs are even known to prevent and help children overcome allergies by boosting their immune system.

If you don’t currently own a dog and owning one is out of the question due to your living situation, job or schooling then you still have a few options.

You could pet sit or watch your friends dog when they go away, I bet that would make you a big hit with your friends and even earn some cash.

They may even stock the refrigerator with your favorite goodies and beverages before they go away!

Try volunteering at a pet shelter, rescue center or even a wildlife sanctuary if you enjoy being around all varieties of animals.

It’s time you stopped looking at your dog just for security, but also as a friend and loyal companion that will ensure your days are happy, healthy and full of fun!

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